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  • West Linn Chamber Meet & Greet

    West Linn Chamber Meet & Greet

    This morning we had a great meet and greet at Bullseye Coffee Company with local West Linn businesses.  Candidate for Secretary of State Knute Buehler held a town hall meeting addressing the needs for West Linn and Oregon.  Also present were State Representative Julie Parrish, and candidate for  for 5th Congressional District Karen Bowerman.   Lots […]

  • West Linn builds a New, Safer Police Station

    West Linn builds a New, Safer Police Station

    As part of the Police Station Steering Committee, we collaborate with the City to move the Police Station forward.  My over-arching goal on this committee has been maximizing the tax payer value for the price of the bond. Recently, I was interviewed by the DJC on the bond, campaign, and the current progress of the […]

  • West Linn Chamber of Commerce Event

    West Linn Chamber of Commerce Event

    Friday evening the West Linn Chamber of Commerce held a fundraiser auction event.  I had the chance to speak with lots of great business owners about their impressions of West Linn and how we could improve the economic climate.  The vast majority of our businesses in West Linn are small family owned businesses.  We need […]

  • Thomas Frank For Council

    Thomas Frank For Council

    Thomas Frank has lived in West Linn with his wife since 2004.  His interest in participating on city government boards came about in 2006 as a result of wanting to help the city of West Linn during a period of crisis.  Since then, his citizen involvement has enhanced the strength and transparency our city government […]

  • KONY 2012

    KONY 2012

    I have seen this post come around and I finally had the time to sit down and watch the video attached.  I just sat speechless and shocked in my chair.  How could this be going on in our world?  Haven’t we seen enough atrocities?  Taking children and forcing them to commit war crimes is just […]

  • B-24 60th Anniversary Event

    B-24 60th Anniversary Event

    During World War II, a B-24 bomber crashed in the Czech Republic.  It crashed minutes away from my Grandfather’s home.  Out of the 11 member crew, only one airman, Ray Noury, survived the crash.  The town celebrated the 60th anniversary of the crash by honoring the lone survivor.  It was the first time he made […]

  • Don’t Sit on the Sidelines

    Don’t Sit on the Sidelines

    We all live busy lives, but there are certain things that should not be ignored or taken for granted – our fundamental right is to stand up and be heard. Being involved in the City gives you the voice and chance to make a positive difference in our community. Let’s get involved! Article published in […]

  • Responsible City Budget

    Responsible City Budget

    After much deliberation, the Budget Committee approved the $75 million biennial budget.  The final budget document was modified and included additional neighborhood association funding as well as the elimination of electric vehicle charging stations.  West Linn continues to operate under with one of the lowest debt margins and an upgraded credit rating.  This budget reflects […]