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  • Visiting Kann

    Visiting Kann

    One of the most popular new restaurants in Portland and beyond is Kann. Kann opened in August 2022 and continues to be one of the most popular restaurants on the Portland scene. Behind this phenomenon is Gregory Gourdet. Recent press and awards: Portland Month’s 2022 Restaurant of the Year, New York Times’ 50 best restaurants…

  • State of Portland 2023

    State of Portland 2023

    Last fall I visited downtown after mainly staying out of the central business district (CBD) since COVID had set in. I was looking to get my daughter’s computer fixed at the Apple Store which was the only one that had next-day appointments available. After arriving and walking around the CBD, I was shocked. I took…

  • Oregon Metro Zoo Tour

    Oregon Metro Zoo Tour

    Councilor Tan and I were given a behind the scenes tour of the Oregon Metro Zoo.  We spent the day with Chris Pfefferkorn, the Deputy Zoo Director.  We toured the penguin, giraffe, cougar, and black bear exhibits.  The zoo broke ground on the last of the projects under the 2008 zoo bond — elephant lands.  The…