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  • One Of The Best Small Towns In America – Manzanita, Oregon

    One Of The Best Small Towns In America – Manzanita, Oregon

    What is a small town? Everyone loves a small-town feel. From the quaint downtown areas to the friendly locals and all of the unique attractions that each small town has to offer, there’s something special about them. But which small towns stand out from the rest? Here are some of America’s best-kept secrets when it…

  • The Sad State of Portland

    The Sad State of Portland

    Portland. City of Roses. City of Protests. City of Empty Streets, empty sidewalks, empty storefronts. Here are my images from walking around a couple of blocks in the downtown central business district. This was the premier place to be. Full of shops, culture, unique stores, and people. Take a look at it today. Boarded up.…

  • Hiking Little Crater Lake Trail

    Hiking Little Crater Lake Trail

    About Looking for an easy hike to see something unique to the Mt. Hood Wilderness? Little Crater Lake may just maybe it. Little Crater Lake is 45′ deep and is spring fed. The water is crystal clear and a chilly 34 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no swimming allowed in the lake. There is a campground…

  • Hiking Timothy Lake Trail

    Hiking Timothy Lake Trail

    About July is a great time to go out and explore Oregon! The weather is nice and most, if not all, of the snow, is melted around the various lakes allowing people to camp and recreate. Timothy Lake is one of the largest lakes on Mt. Hood. Did you know it isn’t a natural lake?…

  • Perfect Beach Day

    Perfect Beach Day

    Can’t ask for a better day on February 11th in Oregon. 65 degrees with a offshore breeze. Oregon Perfect! What’s your favorite beach destination?

  • Net Neutrality Rally

    Net Neutrality Rally

    What a turnout! Braving the cold crisp winter day, supporters of Net Neutrality came out to support our efforts to put our measure on the November ballot! Thank you to Representative Jennifer Williamson, Representative Pam Marsh, Senator Sara Gelser, and State Treasurer Tobias Read for agreeing to join Senator Ron Wyden along with Rachel and I to…

  • Oregonians for Net Neutrality

    Oregonians for Net Neutrality

    On January 18, I filed an initiative petition with the Oregon Secretary of State. The petition would require internet service providers to practice net neutrality in Oregon, meaning they cannot discriminate against types or sources of data when providing access to consumers. Recently, the Federal Communications Commission opted to eliminate those rules at the national…

  • League of Oregon Cities Board Reappointment

    League of Oregon Cities Board Reappointment

    West Linn City Council President Thomas Frank was re-elected to the League of Oregon Cities Board of Directors Sept. 26 during the 90th annual conference in Bend. The League of Oregon Cities is an organization that represents the state’s 242 incorporated cities. It works, along with its volunteer members, to help improve how local government…

  • Arch Bridge Plan has plenty of time for modifications

    Arch Bridge Plan has plenty of time for modifications

    Councilor Jenni Tan and I Published this oped in the West Linn Tidings on July 30, 2015: We are supportive of the Arch Bridge concept plan because it will bring people and businesses to West Linn and showcase the natural beauty of the area. Based on the overwhelming participation of our community, we have a…

  • Subzero Ice Cream

    Subzero Ice Cream

    The long anticipated Subzero Ice Cream & Yogurt has opened in West Linn!  Dozens of folks lined up to try their unique twist on ice cream creations. Their method provides a more creamy, more fresh, more dense, and more custom ice cream creations.  The faster you freeze ice cream, the creamier it is.  The moment…