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  • Royal Kingdom Recap

    Royal Kingdom Recap

    153 days in the Bible in a Year Journey we wrapped up the Royal Kingdom. This is a wondrous time in Israel’s history. The twelve tribes are united as a nation and a permanent temple is built in Jerusalem for them to worship the Lord. Their lack of trust in God leads them to ask…

  • Day 153 – The Decline of Solomon

    Day 153 – The Decline of Solomon

    Thoughts and Reflection In today’s reading, we learn that our decisions have consequences for both ourselves and others. David was an absent father who did not pass his relationship with the Lord to Solomon. Solomon failed to be faithful to God. Solomon’s faith unravels because he gave his heart to something other than the Lord…

  • Day 152 – Being Forgotten

    Day 152 – Being Forgotten

    Thoughts and Reflections In today’s reading, we have a review of Solomon’s life. In Ecclesiastes, it may give us a negative view of life, but it is an honest assessment. If this life is all this is, then all of what we live for is vanity. All is meaningless because nothing else endures. We will…

  • Day 151 – Wisdom and Folly

    Day 151 – Wisdom and Folly

    Thoughts and Reflection Today in our readings we learn Solomon comes to the end of his life in foolishness. The builder finishes his life in ruins. The Lord told Solomon that he will establish his throne forever as long as he does not turn away from him and serve other gods. Solomon does not take…

  • Day 150 – The Dedication of the Temple

    Day 150 – The Dedication of the Temple

    Thoughts and Reflection We learn today that the Ark of the Covenant was brought into the Temple for the first time carried by priests. The Ark contained the tablets of the Ten Commandments, manna, and Aaron’s staff. At this point in history, only the tablets remain. As the Ark is brought into the holy place,…

  • Day 149 – All is Vanity

    Day 149 – All is Vanity

    Thoughts and Reflection Today in the readings we are starting to read from a new book – Ecclesiastes. In this book, we learn from the preacher and vanity. Vanity is translated to something that is meaningless or like vapor or smoke. We may think we don’t experience that in our lives, but this is nothing…