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  • Kroger and Albertsons: A Bad Idea

    Kroger and Albertsons: A Bad Idea

    It was recently announced that two of the largest grocery store chains in the United States, Kroger, and Albertsons, are planning to merge. If shareholders and regulators approve this merger, it will create a grocery store behemoth with annual sales of over $280 billion. The larger competitor left in the market will be Walmart. This […]

  • My Priorities for Next Year

    My Priorities for Next Year

    Thank you for your vote. I am honored to be your new city councilor. West Linn is a great community. My family and I have enjoyed the many parks, open spaces, trails, shops and events.  Throughout the campaign, I heard the same positive reinforcements about our city. Yet, we have some work to do. First, […]

  • West Linn Cash Mob – October 26, 2012

    West Linn Cash Mob – October 26, 2012

    It’s time for our fourth cash mob event!  In case you missed the first three, they were a great success!  Our fourth cash mob event will target a small business in the West Linn Willamette District.  Take a few minutes out of your Friday afternoon and give a struggling business a boost!  As a bonus […]

  • Ego Accessories

    Ego Accessories

    The third West Linn Cash Mob event was a success.  We assembled at the West Linn Central Village and “mobbed” Ego Accessories.  This store is the destination for unique gifts –  hats, scarves, handbags, jewelry, whimsical gifts and everything sparkly.  It’s a small business  owned by a Pam Pesetti, who is also a resident of West Linn.   […]

  • Op-Ed Cash Mob

    Op-Ed Cash Mob

    Published in the West Linn Tidings We have all felt the impacts of the recent downturn in the economy and you might even know someone who is struggling to survive – the number of job losses, underwater mortgages, stricter budgets, higher gas prices, etc. The Recession has taken its toll across all sectors of the […]

  • West Linn Cash Mob – June 9, 2012

    West Linn Cash Mob – June 9, 2012

      Let’s face it, the economic downturn has hurt many of our local businesses.   It may seem like we are in a recovery, however, our local businesses have been deeply impacted and they need our help more than ever. Meeting Date: June 9, 2012 – 2:00PMMeeting Location: Robinwood Shopping Center Parking Lot (Near Hwy. 43 […]

  • West Linn Chamber of Commerce Event

    West Linn Chamber of Commerce Event

    Friday evening the West Linn Chamber of Commerce held a fundraiser auction event.  I had the chance to speak with lots of great business owners about their impressions of West Linn and how we could improve the economic climate.  The vast majority of our businesses in West Linn are small family owned businesses.  We need […]