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Exploring The Big Island – Part 4

After leaving the Volcanoes National Park, we decided to drive around the Island to Kona. On the way there, we stopped at Punaluʻu Beach. This is one of the most famous black sand beach in Hawaii.

Exploring The Big Island – Part 3

Leaving Hilo, we hit the road to visit the Volcanoes National Park. During our visit, we are in the midst of the longest government shutdown so we weren’t certain what would be open or accessible to the public.

10 Mac and Windows Excel Functions You Need to Know

Excel. Love it or hate it. Embrace it or dread it. It's a program I enjoy teaching and many don't fully understand the power at your fingertips. No matter the financial program you use, nearly all can export or ODBC link their data to Excel. What should you know to...

Din Tai Fung Portland Opening

After over a month of waiting for our reservation, we ate at the new Portland Restaurant Din Tai Fung that opened in Washington Square. You are greeted by a brigade of dumpling chefs carefully rolling, stuffing, and crimping each dumpling with precision and care. As...

Net Neutrality Rally

What a turnout! Braving the cold crisp winter day, supporters of Net Neutrality came out to support our efforts to put our measure on the November ballot! Thank you to Representative Jennifer Williamson, Representative Pam Marsh, Senator Sara...

Oregonians for Net Neutrality

On January 18, I filed an initiative petition with the Oregon Secretary of State. The petition would require internet service providers practice net neutrality in Oregon, meaning they cannot discriminate against types or sources of data when providing access to...

TVF&R Ride Along

On April 16th I joining TVF&R at Station 59 for a 24 hour shift ride along.