Proud to have these local community leaders support

Julie Parrish, State Representative House District 37
Craig Roberts, Clackamas County Sheriff
Martha Schrader, Clackamas County Commissioner
Paul Savas, Clackamas County Commissioner
John Ludlow, Clackamas County Commissioner Chair
Peter Truax, Mayor City of Forest Grove / League of Oregon Cities President
Lori DeReamer, Mayor Happy Valley
Ron Adams, Clackamas Community College Board Member
Jenni Tan, City of West Linn Councilor
John Kovash, Former Mayor City of West Linn
Larry McIntyre, Former Mayor City of West Linn
Karen Hensley, West Linn Budget Committee
Lorie Griffith, James Boyle, Bill Hill, and Ryerson Schwark, West Linn Planning Commissioners
Christine Steel, Former Planning Commission Chair and current Economic Development Committee Member
Jim Mattis, Historic Review Board
Grant Oakes, Dennis Richey, Public Safety Advisory Board
Nicole Alexander, Glen Friedman, Sustainability Advisory Board
Alice Richmond, Utility Advisory Board

Union Support

IAFF 1660 Tualatin Valley Fire Fighters Union
United Food and Commercial Workers Union
Clackamas County Peace Officers’ Association
Northwest Oregon Labor Council
IBEW Local 48 Electrical Workers Union

Community Leaders

“Thomas is dedicated to the future of West Linn. He is an advocate of local business and supports using existing revenue to improve infrastructure, such as streets and sidewalks. Thomas supports a strong public safety presence and ensuring that West Linn schools are second to none.”

— District Attorney Kevin Barton

“Thomas doesn’t just say he cares, he invests himself and strives to make a difference. And he does so quietly, effectively and with no fanfare.”

— Kenneth Greger

“During the year I worked with him, he displayed the type of leadership and commitment to community development residents need. Transparency of city government is a must.”

— Phil Bransom

“I know him to be a tireless worker, highly organized, a person of integrity and a person who really gets it.”

— Boyd Brown

“His ability to work effectively with diverse groups of citizens to reach a common goal also sets him apart from others.”

— Dr. Bill & Susan Hill

“Thomas is one of these individuals truly dedicated to the betterment of others; the kind of official who adds a capital “G” to the word “Government,” and one who fully contributes to the ongoing betterment of an already wonderful community.

— Dr. Alain Gracianette

“We need Thomas’ skills and leadership to maintain and improve the physical and financial well being of West Linn.”

— Karen Taylor

“Thomas Frank has served those in need by making home deliveries of groceries from the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry and by arranging payments to utilities to stop service shutoffs, or to landlords to stop evictions. Thomas brought a vision to our organization and has led by his example.”

— Alan Stuyvesant

“I found him to be courteous, thoughtful, diligent and well informed during the various meetings and discussions that we had”

— Grant Oakes

“I have found Thomas to be a good listener, taking in other people’s point of view to come up with a decision that is best for the whole city.”

— Glen Friedman

“His decision making is based on sound fiscal management and the key economic drivers that will continue to make West Linn a place where families want to raise their children.”

— Nancy King

“Frank’s amiable and approachable style makes him an A+ leader. We deserve Frank’s skills in representing us all at city council. Frank is honest, respectful, productive and promising. He has poise.”

— Alice Richmond

“He digs into the details and asks the questions that most of us take for granted.”

— Dennis Richey

“Thomas has a transparent track record of community advocacy and well-reasoned accomplishment.”

— Erik Simshauser