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  • West Linn Chamber Meet & Greet

    West Linn Chamber Meet & Greet

    This morning we had a great meet and greet at Bullseye Coffee Company with local West Linn businesses.  Candidate for Secretary of State Knute Buehler held a town hall meeting addressing the needs for West Linn and Oregon.  Also present were State Representative Julie Parrish, and candidate for  for 5th Congressional District Karen Bowerman.   Lots […]

  • West Linn Chamber of Commerce Event

    West Linn Chamber of Commerce Event

    Friday evening the West Linn Chamber of Commerce held a fundraiser auction event.  I had the chance to speak with lots of great business owners about their impressions of West Linn and how we could improve the economic climate.  The vast majority of our businesses in West Linn are small family owned businesses.  We need […]

  • April West Linn Weekend

    April West Linn Weekend

    After months of rainy and cold weather, we finally had one nice dry sunny weekend.  Here are two things my family and I did to enjoy the sunshine!   West Linn Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt On a sunny Saturday morning, the West Linn Lions Club hosted an Easter Egg hunt at West Linn High […]

  • City Council Race Gears Up

    City Council Race Gears Up

    Today we are in the West Linn Tidings! Text of article: City council race gears up Published on Wednesday, April 04, 2012 | Written by Lori Hall | The race for two West Linn City Council seats and the position of mayor is gearing up already. City Council President Jenni Tan has announced her intention […]

  • Thomas Frank For Council

    Thomas Frank For Council

    Thomas Frank has lived in West Linn with his wife since 2004.  His interest in participating on city government boards came about in 2006 as a result of wanting to help the city of West Linn during a period of crisis.  Since then, his citizen involvement has enhanced the strength and transparency our city government […]

  • Don’t Sit on the Sidelines

    Don’t Sit on the Sidelines

    We all live busy lives, but there are certain things that should not be ignored or taken for granted – our fundamental right is to stand up and be heard. Being involved in the City gives you the voice and chance to make a positive difference in our community. Let’s get involved! Article published in […]

  • Police Station Bond Passed

    Police Station Bond Passed

    What a week!!  After a year of hard work from deconstructing the failed 2010 bond, looking at every option for a new recommendation, talking to citizens, walking multiple properties to find the right one, and knowing that our first responders are vulnerable in their current station, this was one of the greatest victories.  On my way […]

  • No Proof of Mismanagement

    No Proof of Mismanagement

    On the budget committee we take allegations of financial mismanagement seriously.  We have all worked hard to restore the trust and confidence of our citizens and outside credit rating agencies.  Karen Hensley and I researched the percentage of the arts fund and concluded there were no misappropriations or mismanagement. Text of article published in the […]

  • West Linn One of the Best Places to Live?

    West Linn One of the Best Places to Live?

    In a short word, Yes!  I am not the only one to think so, Money Magazine ranked West Linn in their top 100  American cities.  And really it is no surprise.  West Linn is a wonderful city for everyone; for families, there are many different activities to choose from and family friendly events; for empty […]

  • City Council Moves Police Station Bond to Vote

    City Council Moves Police Station Bond to Vote

    After months of hard work, walking many sites, and talking to many different stakeholders, I am very pleased that the council has moved forward and approved our recommendation.  Our original recommendation was to ask for $8.9 million and the approved version reduces it further to $8.5 million.  The current police station is unfit, and unsafe. […]