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  • Willamette Garage Food Carts

    Willamette Garage Food Carts

    After years of an abandoned gas and service station, the old station was repurposed as a food cart destination in West Linn. Many great food carts, outdoor seating, and drinks are on site—a perfect gathering place for family and friends to enjoy a mix of cuisines. Location

  • TVF&R Ride Along

    TVF&R Ride Along

    On April 16th I joined TVF&R at Station 59 for a 24-hour shift ride-along. Within minutes of the shift start a call comes in for cardiac arrest. #TVF&RRidealong #westlinn pic.twitter.com/L0CGPV4oLP — Thomas Frank (@mrthomasfrank) April 16, 2016 On scene. pic.twitter.com/ei4STqnFln — Thomas Frank (@mrthomasfrank) April 16, 2016 Back at Station 59 now. Getting full orientation…

  • West Linn’s fiber network of the future

    West Linn’s fiber network of the future

    Published in the West Linn Tidings on January 28, 2016: One of this year’s City Council goals is to research the feasibility of a municipal fiber network. Other Oregon cities have moved forward and created their own municipal fiber utility. These municipal fiber networks provide up to one-gigabit service at very reasonable costs, which provides a…

  • Thanksgiving Boxes 2015

    Thanksgiving Boxes 2015

    Thank you to all the volunteers, donors, and Safeway for making this Thanksgiving food box drive one of the most successful ever!  We couldn’t have done it without all of your generosity and support.  Here are some pictures of both the collection and distribution of the boxes to those in need.

  • Willamette Falls December 2015

    Willamette Falls December 2015

    The Willamette Falls – the second largest falls in North America by volume – became close to becoming the first after the heavy rains of December.  I thought it would be interesting to show the falls during the height of the storms from West Linn Paper.  The top image is how the falls normally look…

  • West Linn Police Ride-Along

    West Linn Police Ride-Along

    On Saturday, October 10, I rode-along with Officer James Ables as he patrolled West Linn.  The night started off with a domestic violence case at the Police Station and then moved to two DUII arrests and one traffic stop.  I live-tweeted the event using hashtag #WLPDRidealong. Follow along from shift start to end below. Made right…

  • League of Oregon Cities Board Reappointment

    League of Oregon Cities Board Reappointment

    West Linn City Council President Thomas Frank was re-elected to the League of Oregon Cities Board of Directors Sept. 26 during the 90th annual conference in Bend. The League of Oregon Cities is an organization that represents the state’s 242 incorporated cities. It works, along with its volunteer members, to help improve how local government…

  • West Linn’s trophy shelf is filling up

    West Linn’s trophy shelf is filling up

    Published in the West Linn Tidings on August 27, 2015: We all know what a great place West Linn is to live, play and raise families. But now the word about our idyllic town is spreading. It seems like each month West Linn has made a new list of top places to live. Here are…

  • Arch Bridge Plan has plenty of time for modifications

    Arch Bridge Plan has plenty of time for modifications

    Councilor Jenni Tan and I Published this oped in the West Linn Tidings on July 30, 2015: We are supportive of the Arch Bridge concept plan because it will bring people and businesses to West Linn and showcase the natural beauty of the area. Based on the overwhelming participation of our community, we have a…

  • Subzero Ice Cream

    Subzero Ice Cream

    The long anticipated Subzero Ice Cream & Yogurt has opened in West Linn!  Dozens of folks lined up to try their unique twist on ice cream creations. Their method provides a more creamy, more fresh, more dense, and more custom ice cream creations.  The faster you freeze ice cream, the creamier it is.  The moment…