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  • Oregonians for Net Neutrality

    Oregonians for Net Neutrality

    On January 18, I filed an initiative petition with the Oregon Secretary of State. The petition would require internet service providers to practice net neutrality in Oregon, meaning they cannot discriminate against types or sources of data when providing access to consumers. Recently, the Federal Communications Commission opted to eliminate those rules at the national…

  • West Linn Police Ride-Along

    West Linn Police Ride-Along

    On Saturday, October 10, I rode-along with Officer James Ables as he patrolled West Linn.  The night started off with a domestic violence case at the Police Station and then moved to two DUII arrests and one traffic stop.  I live-tweeted the event using hashtag #WLPDRidealong. Follow along from shift start to end below. Made right…

  • Reynolds High School

    Reynolds High School

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the students, parents, staff and all first responders at Reynolds High School. These senseless acts of violence should never occur and our children should always feel safe going to school.