Daily Prompt: Write About a Few of Your Favorite Family Traditions.

Write about a few of your favorite family traditions.

Growing up there were so many things we did.

Extended stays at the beach, traveling around, backpacking, camping, fishing, crabbing, Thanksgiving, and Christmas traditions. It’s hard to pick just a few, but here goes!

First was going to the beach. I would go often. Between my Aunt and Uncle going down to my parents and then later when I was able to drive, I would spend a lot of time exploring Manzanita and riding the beach trikes on the beach. It was a great getaway!

I always loved Thanksgiving. It was one of my favorite holidays growing up. I remember so many Thanksgivings that my cousin would come over and we would have all the Holiday music on along with a hot roaring fire. Of course, a Turkey was being cooked and some other great food and sides as well.

Christmas was my next big highlight. Lots of Christmas music playing in the house, a tree festively decorated (we used to decorate the tree with tinsel…I don’t know where that has gone). Family coming in from out of town. Of course, a roaring fire made everything too hot. I remember being ushered out to my room so Santa would come – we opened Christmas presents on Christmas Eve. I would always wait by my door to see if I could hear him. Looking back, I don’t know why I fell for it, but I sure did!


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