Daily Prompt: What are your Favorite Sports to Watch and Play?

What are your favorite sports to watch and play?

There are so many different sports out there! Over the years I played or watched most all of them.

The most favorite sport to play and watch is basketball. It has both that individual aspect as well as being part of a team. It can be played in different ways, from 1:1 to 5:5 and every combination in-between. It’s been fun to get my kids involved in it as well. Teaching them both individualism and being part of a bigger team.

I love to watch basketball in person and I like to attend as many TrailBlazer games as I can over the course of the season as my schedule allows. The games become electrifying as the crowd gets pumped up for the team and in fact, my watch will constantly warn me that the environment is too loud to stay in for long periods! It’s even better when they win at the end and all the streamers come floating down from the rafters.

Blazers Win!

Other sports I like? Soccer is my second go-to. Seeing my oldest child play and excel in the game is exciting and invigorating. This is a hectic schedule that takes us on the road to support her at each of her games.

Portland Timbers


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