Daily Prompt: What’s your Dream Job?

What’s your dream job?

Throughout my life, I have looked more at what I can do for others than myself. In fact, sometimes it was hard to say no to things as I saw the benefit for others. (Don’t worry, I can firmly say No now!) In high school, there was a profile at graduation that each one of us strived for. This was a multi-point vision but in it was one common theme — being a man and woman for others.

This became my guiding principle.

Over the years, I would look for opportunities that did just that. From being the President of St. Vincent de Paul, teaching as a professor, and even serving my community as state as an elected official – I always looked out for the greater good and looked how my work impacted the greater community around us.

Seeing other lives positively impacted is the most gratifying dream job I could possibly have.


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