Daily Prompt: What is your Spirit Animal

What is your spirit animal?

Very interesting. I have never thought about a spirit animal or even what it could be! So I had to do some research on this and found this website – https://www.spiritanimal.info – to help identify the appropriate spirit animal for me.

After taking the quiz, it turns out that a Giraffe is the right one for me. The giraffe has many of the same traits that I am told I possess.

Generally, it represents:

  • Elevation of the spirit
  • Sincerity
  • Kindness and softness
  • Interior calm
  • The ability to see beyond appearances, opening on the “sixth sense” and of physical capabilities
  • The influence or fascination for exotism
  • Awareness which develops gently
  • The union of the force of the skies and of the earth
  • Harmony between carnal desire and emotional or spiritual sentiments
  • A capacity to stand out from the crowd

It also turns out, I like Giraffes and have always been fascinated by them!

What is your spirit animal?


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