Daily Prompt: Communication Online

In what ways do you communicate online?

There are so many ways to communicate online. A new social media website or application for your phone. After trying out many different platforms, I have settled on three of them to communicate and connect.


The first and old mainstay. Well I take that back, the first was myspace, but I wasn’t on that. Facebook has become the go-to for seeing the news and connecting with friends. Although the demographic is generally older now, I do like getting news and connecting with some businesses I follow


I have always liked Instagram. Seeing pictures or video posts make it more engaging and interesting. Exploring topics is easy by clicking on hashtags and diving deeper into a rabbit hole you didn’t know you’d go down when you first opened it.


This is like the wild west of online communication. Everything is there in random short posts. The only way to categorize it and make any sense of it is by hashtag. What do I like about Twitter? You can easily engage on a trending topic or reply to a tweet and have others chime in.


This can be a big time waster. During the time of Covid, I spent more and more time on this site and watched all sorts of traveling videos, RVing, fish keeping, and even learned how to ride a motorcycle. I will randomly post videos of my own but I do admit I am not very good about doing this.

Other Sites

There are a ton of other sites that my kids are on (snap chat, tik tok, etc.) that I’m not. All these sites require so much time to learn and engage – which is not abundant so I have to prioritize my social engagement.

What sites do you communicate online?

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