The Acts of the Apostles is the recorded history of the early Church as it began to function and spread the word of God to the world. We read firsthand accounts fo the words and deeds of the “super-apostles” Peter and Paul. We also read about the challenges of a young, growing Church.

Review Questions

At the beginning of Acts, the Lord tells his followers that they will receive the Holy Spirit and be his witnesses to the world. What three geographic areas did Jesus mention when he spoke of their influence?

Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria, and the ends of the earth

When was the Holy Spirit poured out on the Church?


Who was the first Christian martyr in the period of the Church?


Who restored Saul’s sight after his conversion?


Who was the first Gentile convert? Who led him to the Lord?

Cornelius, led by Peter

What council determined how Gentiles would be part of the Church?

Council of Jerusalem

How many missionary journeys did paul go on to spread the gospel?



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