Portland. City of Roses. City of Protests. City of Empty Streets, empty sidewalks, empty storefronts. Here are my images from walking around a couple of blocks in the downtown central business district. This was the premier place to be. Full of shops, culture, unique stores, and people. Take a look at it today. Boarded up. Sidewalks empty. Graffiti. And the stench. I can’t capture it with the camera.

Where are our city leaders? As I drove in, there is a bold group (or maybe not so bold) that blocked a travel lane and moved in couches and grass to relax. Right in front of City Hall! One would think you’d have the travel lane opened up. Nope.

This City Council needs to wake up. The city is dying or it might be already dead. You decide.

Here is the sad state of our beloved City during the week. What should be a busy and bustling time is rather a sad and empty space. See for yourself.

How would you address this?


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