Divided Kingdom Recap

As we started the Divided Kingdom period, it appeared that David’s dynasty was falling apart. The geographic boundaries changed, leaders had lost the trust of the people, and liturgical norms were compromised. Foreign gods and influence from the pagan neighbors increased the temptation toward idolatry for Israel and Judah. The kingdoms succeeded and failed as one and the prophets cried out for justice and holiness. The period ended in Exile.

Review Questions

When Jeroboam, the leader of the northern tribes, asked Rehoboam how he would rule, whom was he afraid Rehoboam would emulate?


From which kingdom would the Messiah come?


Who are the two prophets who spoke to the northern kingdom of Israel?

Hosea and Amos

Who was the courageous prophet who defeated the prophets of Baal?


Which king of Judah had the longest reign and was one of the evilest kings?


Which king of Judah, mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus, was considered one of the most righteous kings of Judah?


While 1 and 2 Chronicles revisit many of the events recounted in the two books of Kings, which kingdom do the books of Chronicles focus on?



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