Royal Kingdom Recap

153 days in the Bible in a Year Journey we wrapped up the Royal Kingdom. This is a wondrous time in Israel’s history. The twelve tribes are united as a nation and a permanent temple is built in Jerusalem for them to worship the Lord. Their lack of trust in God leads them to ask for a king like other nations. God grants their request. God makes a covenant with David which will ultimately be fulfilled in Jesus.

At the end of the Conquest and Judges time period, Israel asked for a king. Which provide did God task with this request?


The first king of Israel was Saul. What tribe was he from?


How did the young David comfort King Saul when he was depressed?

He played the harp.

How many stones did David have with him when he defeated Goliath?


What piece of his clothing did David cut off of Saul to show that he could have killed him had he wanted?

The corner of his garment

Who was the prophet who convicted King David about his adultery with Bathsheba?


The kings of Israel were warned that a king should not have many wives. How many wives did Solomon have?



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