Conquest and Judges Recap

99 days later and here we are at another recap/checkpoint. In the conquest and judges section, Israel finally possessed the land of Canaan. The Israelite’s battle changed from an external one to an internal one. The Israelites failed to give their whole hearts to obedience to God and his Law. The people also experienced a cycle of sin and needed God’s merciful forgiveness. Israel discovered that leadership is important; without it, every man would do what was right in his own eyes rather than follow God’s ways.

How well did you learn the key topics?

What was the name of the woman in Jericho who treated the spies with compassion?


What went before Israel as they crossed the Jordan?

The Ark of the Covenant

What was the name of the man who stole idols at Ai, where Israel was defeated?


Israel was fooled into entering a covenant with people who falsely said they were ambassadors from a distant country. Who were these people?

The Gibeonites

Who was the only female judge in the book of Judges?


Which tribe permanently moved from the south to the north due to their weakness at fending off their enemies?


Which judge had an angel appear to him who said, “the Lord is with you, you might man of valor?”



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