Month: March 2022

  • Day 62 – Spies Sent to Canaan

    Day 62 – Spies Sent to Canaan

    Thoughts and Reflection As we read these two chapters (Numbers and Deuteronomy) we need to remember that Numbers is telling the story of the Israelis in real-time. Deuteronomy is recalling the same story but in the past tense as Moses is telling the same story some 40 years later. Today we see family strife between…

  • Day 61 – Complaining in the Desert

    Day 61 – Complaining in the Desert

    Thoughts and Reflections Today we see some rebelling against God. The Israelites are complaining like children who do not get what they want. God does provide manna for them but the people are missing the food they ate back in Egypt. However, they forget the food was not free. It came to them by them…

  • Day 60 – Intercessory Prayer

    Day 60 – Intercessory Prayer

    Thoughts and Reflections As the people in tribes of Israel move, the Tabernacle is moved by the Levites and always remains in the center of their journey. God tells the people the wilderness is part of their story. Soon after being set free from slavery and brought into the desert, the people turn away from…