Desert Wanderings Recap

28 days later and two more chapters down. In Numbers and Deuteronomy, we read about the Israelite’s travels in the desert in hopes of finding the Promised Land. Spies were sent out and they were pessimistic about conquering the land of Canaan. They were left in the desert for 40 years for not trusting the Lord.

How well did you learn the key topics?

In what place did Israel stop and send spies into the land of Canaan?

Kadesh Barnea

What did the spies bring back from the land of Canaan, showing its fruitfulness?

A cluster of grapes so large that it took two men to carry it

The Israelites were divided into two troups in the desert – those who would die in the wilderness and those who would prepare to go forward and enter the Promised Land. How old were those who would go forward to victory?

Younger than twenty

Moses was overwhelmed with the responsibilities of leading Israel during their wandering in the desert. How many men did he appoint as his assistants?


Who challenged Moses’ authority in the desert and became leprous as a result?


Moses was not allowed by the Lord to lead Israel into the Promised Land. What was the name of the Mountain upon which he died?

Mt. Nebo

Who was Moses’ successor, who led the people into the Promised Land?


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