We just wrapped up following Abraham and his descendants to the Promised Land. God made three promises to Abraham – land, dynasty, and a worldwide blessing. – which was made with a covenant with him. It has been said that the Lord will write straight with crooked lines as he is revealing his will to us. While the Promise Land was the goal, Isreal took a four-hundred-year detour in Egypt.

How well did you learn the key topics? 

Where was Abraham (then called Abram) living when God called him to go to the land of Canaan?

Ur of the Chaldeans, in present-day Iraq

What were the three promises that God made to Abraham?

Land, a royal dynasty and worldwide blessing

What was the name of Abraham’s first son through Hagar?


What was the name of Isaac’s wife?


Which of Isaac’s sons was hairy and ruddy in color?


Though Jacob wanted to marry Rachel, whom did he marry first?


Which son of Jacob came up with the idea to sell Joseph into Bondage?


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