Oregonians for Net Neutrality

On January 18, I filed an initiative petition with the Oregon Secretary of State. The petition would require internet service providers to practice net neutrality in Oregon, meaning they cannot discriminate against types or sources of data when providing access to consumers. Recently, the Federal Communications Commission opted to eliminate those rules at the national level. The measure is backed by a bipartisan group of tech professionals and policymakers:

Rich Bader, who recently retired as one of Portland’s longest-serving tech CEOs, will serve as the group’s Treasurer. Chief Petitioners are Rachel Novick, owner and manager of Novick Analytics, former State Representative Chris Harker, and myself – former West Linn City Councilor. The measure is the first net neutrality issue proposed to be put before voters nationally.

This is not a partisan issue.  Fair access to information, to learning, to commerce, is something that affects all Oregonians. I need your help!  Please visit https://www.netneutralityoregon.com/action/ to print, sign, and send your “e-sheet” petition. Please share with your friends. The measure must first collect 1,000 voter signatures to receive an official ballot title. After that, it will need to garner about 87,000 more to qualify for Oregon’s November 2018 ballot.

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