David Baker wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on April 30, 2015:

My first encounter with Thomas Frank was via Twitter last year. I was seeking the city’s help with repairing a pothole in front of my driveway.

The primary reason I reached out to Thomas Frank was that I noticed that he was active on social media and highly engaged with city stakeholders. I determined that he was positioned well to direct my request to the right people at city hall and quickly resolve my issue.

Within one hour of contacting Thomas Frank, the city was out to my house to fix the pothole.

Much of the discussion in this election has been focused on big issues such as the LOT project and the Arch Bridge redevelopment plan. I believe it is important to consider how our next leader will guide city hall to effectively deliver basic services that we all count on.

My experience with the pothole showed me that Thomas Frank pays attention to citizen concerns regardless of size and uses his good working relationship with city staff to deliver results. It is this type of leadership that will continue to make West Linn a great place to call home.

Vote for Thomas Frank.

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