Glen Friedman wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on April 23, 2015:

There are many reasons that I support Thomas Frank for mayor, but some of these reasons stand out more than others. The first time I met Thomas was several years ago, as a member of a task force. After several meetings where he and I did not always agree on things, I realized that we both shared a common value. That value was, and still is, to do the best we could for the city of West Linn.

Along with a mutual respect for others’ point of view with a common goal to find the best solution to the challenge presented to us. One of the lessons learned, for me, is that Thomas has a keen interest in listening to different point of views. He does this so he can carefully consider all sides of an issue and come to an objective, and well-researched solution. Another reason I support Thomas Frank for mayor is that he has a sincere desire to include all voices. He is someone who cares deeply about his family, friends and community.

Thomas Frank has shown, through action, that he has the financial knowledge, long term community service and leadership skills that would benefit our City.

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