Frankly, Thomas gets my vote

Alice Richmond wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on May 7, 2015:

Being proud to be an American, I vote carefully. That said, we need to speak about the city’s priorities in a “Frank” manner.

We are the city; we’re entitled to and worthy of governance with integrity. Thomas Frank has the ability to collaborate to generate a good economy and diplomatic politics to benefit us with neighboring cities at all levels.

He has proven this.

While Frank served on the Planning Commission during the huge LOT land use application, he rejected LOT’s permit. Then, as Councilor Frank, he recused himself. Period!

Frank, in his council term, acquired much inside information and experience to prepare him for the next level: mayor.

Frank possesses precious etiquette and ethics. He lives among us, raising his respectable young family, investing in a future for his children as well as for us, safeguarding our valued ways of living.

For 56 years and going, I’ve prized a respectable, efficiently running city. I ask: Don’t we all?

Vote Frank; we deserve a chief executive that believes is intrinsic integrity for all people.

Hey West Linn, let’s keep our city friendly and attractive. We vote for Thomas Frank because you and I matter to him. Frankly, the vote goes to Thomas.

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