Frank puts families first

Kimberly Steele wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on April 16, 2015:

As a father of two daughters, Thomas Frank is committed to the quality of life West Linn residents enjoy today. He demonstrates the family values I find in so many of my neighbors. Thomas joins us in appreciating and supporting our schools, the safe environment our families flourish in and the parks weall enjoy. As a college professor in finance, he has skills to make sure West Linn continues on a fiscal path of strength and transparency.

Thomas’ ability to listen and ask insightful questions will make him an excellent mayor. His calm, reflective approach to problem solving will be beneficial to West Linn families as our city has many points of view to consider on any topic. Contrast this thoughtful approach to the other candidate who aligns himself with a small vocal group of citizens characterized by solving problems through recall efforts, lawsuits and unprofessional personal attacks commonly printed in this publication. Who needs that?

Thomas Frank is a leader not a bully. He is the best choice for the next West Linn Mayor. Vote for calm, rational, insightful experience. Vote for a family centric, community minded leader.

Vote for Thomas Frank.

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