Frank is the right choice for mayor

Elizabeth Smolens wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on April 23, 2015:

In 2011, West Linn needed an upgrade to our pre-war police station. It was historic and iconic, but crumbling and overcrowded. Despite the need, voters had remained cool to the prospect. Nevertheless, Thomas Frank and a citizen task force explored options, engaged citizens, and led a collaborative process that resulted in a facility worthy of our police officers. That result is a big part of why Councilor Frank is endorsed by the Clackamas County Peace Officers Association.

Frank’s collaborative, effective style is a big part of why I’m supporting him for mayor of West Linn.In this race, West Linn is fortunate to have a choice of two quality candidates. Both Frank and Russ Axelrod are intelligent, thoughtful individuals. While Frank’s experience with city issues, procedures and public process clearly makes him the top choice for mayor, I am heartened that we will still have Axelrod’s voice on the City Council.

This election is a decision point for West Linn. We need a mayor who is engaging, reasonable, balanced, and can lead respectful discussions on the important issues. New council member voices are a valuable element in important decisions ahead for our city. However, I enthusiastically support Thomas Frank for mayor.

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