Frank has the experience we need

Grant Oakes wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on May 7, 2015:

I attended a round table meeting last week where Mr. Frank and Mr. Axelrod had the opportunity to present their ideas for improving our community. They also had to answer questions and rebut each other positions. Both men obviously care for West Linn and sincerely want the best for it and its residents. They share concerns about the development of the Stafford triangle and the impact it would have on West Linn.

Their differences in my opinion center on their time in local governmental leadership positions and their experiences working with the leaders in the surrounding cities and the county. Mr. Axelrod has been a City Council member for less than a year and is just beginning to reach out to those leaders. Mr. Frank has completed the better part of his term in which time he has built solid relationships with the surrounding mayors and county leaders. For the short period left to finish out the current office of Mayor, we do not want to lose our place at the negotiations table.

I believe that Mr. Frank has the greater experience and is far better qualified to fill that position and protect our quality of life.


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