Frank: ethics, leadership and experience

Bill Hill wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on May 7, 2015:

Ethics: Thomas Frank conducts himself professionally in any service position he holds. Whether it be the President of the West Linn City Council, or other positions like serving on the Planning Commission, Rotary Club or Saint Vincent de Paul Food Bank, Thomas is not seeking special favor, recognition or contract dollars for personal gain.

Leadership: Compare the list of accomplishments both candidates have.  Thomas, by far, is the outstanding leader. He serves on local, state and national committees for the good of our city. He has the support of the firefighters, police and many of the public rank in file.

Experience: With a professional teaching and business finance background, Thomas is more qualified to be our mayor. He is a good public speaker, is very approachable and is experienced in what it takes to run a city government. Working on the Police Station Committee, he helped pass the first positive election here in 13 years. He has an established home in West Linn with a wife and two young daughters. He is an advocate for all the people who work and live here.

Conclusion: Ethics, leadership and experience. That’s Thomas Frank.


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