Ryerson Schwark wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on April 23, 2015:

As a member of the Planning Commission, now its chair, I have worked with Russell Axelrod. That is why I am supporting Thomas Frank for mayor.

During my year with Axelrod on the commission, I witnessed him:


  • Lecture an applicant on what he considered proper landscaping, a matter we held no authority over.
  • Demand an applicant provide a public bench in exchange for approval, a matter we held no authority over.
  • Listen to, and ignore, staff explain to him that that the arch bridge plan has no density requirements and that there were no such strings on the Metro grant.
  • Support the arch bridge plan until flip flopping on it and misrepresenting it was more politically expedient.
  • Engage in inappropriate lobbying with this fellow commissioners on a quasi-judicial matter that was so bad that he was forced to recuse himself from the proceedings.


West Linn has had enough of this kind of political grandstanding and fear mongering.We need reasonable, thoughtful leaders who focus on doing the best for all of West Linn.

The person to do that is Thomas Frank. He is thoughtful, considerate, dispassionate and reasonable, which is why he enjoys my support.

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