Continue on a successful course with Frank

Dwaine Rhea wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on April 16, 2015:

“Fix the Potholes” — that’s the traditional wisdom for city government, and it’s the safe approach. Only with experience and leadership can more bedone. With Thomas Frank’s experience and leadership on the Planning Commission, City Council and now as president of the City Council, he has taken solid action toward a better West Linn. Leadership isn’t easy, but Thomas’ experience in governing and involvement with the community through religious and community organizations are what we need and must demand in our Mayor.

I’ve always been impressed that Thomas’ comments and actions represent the best interests for all of West Linn. I appreciate Thomas’ vision and planning for the future. We have terrific opportunities to have the right kind of growth, while increasing our tax base in order to fund the city and control taxes, assessments, and fees to residents.

Electing Thomas as mayor in a couple of weeks will solidify our commitment tocontinuing the city on a successful course to the future with experienced, intelligent, and ethical leadership. I hope we take the time to be informed and look to the facts rather than to believe outrageous rhetoric.

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