Axelrod is showing his inexperience

Roger Shepherd wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on April 23, 2015:

It is easy to gain your support. If I tell you that my opponent wants to double your taxes, you’re not going to support him or her. When you find out that is not true, you will be mad at me. You should be mad about the untruths being told about the arch bridge-Bolton plan concerning Metro’s Town Center density requirements. It simply is not true.

During the City Council deliberations to approve the Arch Bridge Concept Plan in December, then Planning Commissioner Russ Axelrod testified he felt several more alternatives should have been included in the plan. Yes, we could have paid the consultant a lot more money to give more alternatives. The truth is that neither the approved concept plan design, nor any of three or four or 20 more alternatives are what is going to be built. What will be built is what months of discussion about design standards and zoning changes, months or years of negotiation between the land owners, developer and the city, and what a whole lot of community input will create.

Mr. Axelrod is showing his inexperience, and for that reason, I am voting for Thomas Frank for Mayor of West Linn.

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