West Linn needs a leader such as Thomas Frank

Jim Boyle wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on April 9, 2015:

I have known Thomas Frank for many years in many different capacities including city councilor, fellow Rotarian (a community minded service organization), as a college professor, an engaged citizen as a member of the Planning Commission and a good friend. In each of these roles, Thomas exhibited traits of a successful leader.

As an instructor of college students, Thomas asks questions that cause students to think and reflect, which improves learning and helps students to arrive at an answer they created.

As a planning commissioner, Thomas listened intently to everyone’s point of view without bias to arrive at an ethical and fair decision with the best interests of the city in mind. In our Rotary Club, Thomas is treasurer and he demonstrates fiscal responsibility and personal accountability.

As a city councilor, he has demonstrated a collaborative demeanor that landed him on a national organization of city leaders which will only benefit our wonderful city.

Finally, as a former business owner and friend, Thomas possesses vision, compassion, he is trustworthy and has an innate ability to get things done.

He is that leader we need as our mayor.


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