Vote Frank for accountability, credibility and vision

Melinda Robinson wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on April 9, 2015:

The West Linn City Council has faced difficult decisions that have tested the fabric of our community, but voters now face a critical crossroads election. We must choose sound, experienced mayoral leadership to guide our city into the future. Thomas Frank has the comprehensive understanding and collaborative style to do so.

Thomas’ work on the Planning Commission, Budget Committee and Transportation Advisory Board, then as a city councilor since 2012 and most recently as council president has honed his understanding of city operations, finances and planning. He studies issues, considers long-term consequences and then votes his conscience. And he willingly dissents from the majority if he believes it serves West Linn residents to do so.

Reasonable voters understand that City Councils strike an ongoing and delicate balance between managing appropriate growth and preserving natural spaces. I believe Thomas Frank’s leadership will provide the best value for our tax dollars. Join me in supporting Thomas Frank as mayor to lead our council in finding constructive, long-term solutions for the greater good of West Linn.

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