Alice Richmond wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on April 2, 2015:

I am lucky and blessed to live in the USA where democracy prevails and the supreme power is vested in the people; exercised by us directly or indirectly through a system of presentation, free elections, etc. I pride myself on exercising my duty; I am a responsible citizen and I vote carefully. That said …

It’s time we speak frankly about the city’s top priorities with frank status quo; we deserve a chief executive who believes with intrinsic integrity for all people. Thomas Frank dexterously collaborates and cooperates with aptness, benefiting a stable progress in propelling a steady economy for our city; also connecting with our neighboring cities. Frank served on the planning commission when LOT was the biggest land use application, and frankly denied LOT’s permit. As councilor, Frank recused himself; he stood by his vote to deny LOT’s permit. During his councilor term, Frank gained experiences and qualifications on which to rely and reconnaissance to pursue the next level: vote Frank for mayor. He’ll labor to lead rationally and with prudence, entrusting honorable resolutions and policies to service us, as well as for our city staff. Frank owns meticulous ethics, he is a trustworthy person and a father raising his lovely young family among us. Frank’s aptitude has been proven; he’ll continue in safeguarding our quality of life that we are spoiled and selfish with. Since living in West Linn for 56 years and counting, I appreciate a good working city. Don’t we all? Hmm!

Let’s keep our city beautiful and friendly.

Vote for Thomas Frank. He listens to you and you matter to him. The vote goes to Thomas Frank(ly) for Mayor!

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