Join us in supporting Frank

Chris Yarco wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on April 9, 2015:

Our family will be voting Thomas Frank for mayor and we encourage you to support him as well. Having personally served with Thomas as a member of the Police Station Community Task Force, I witnessed his consistent commitment to determining what was best for the long term needs of our city.

He was dedicated and intent on researching all the issues, and was tireless in his efforts to bring the new station to fruition. Prior to his election as councilman, Frank canvassed our community to meet with business, civic and education leaders to better understand the core concerns and issues as we saw them.

We quickly saw our input turn into areas of his advocacy. As a councilman, he has been transparent in his actions, open and accessible to the constituents, and clear and consistent in his communication with us.

Thomas Frank is not drawn into negative discourse, but rather he draws others into proactive discussions around how to continue to make West Linn a highly desirable community in which to live. He has proven that he works hard on our behalf and we believe we will only see more of that work ethic and commitment with him as mayor.


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