Grace Lin wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on March 26, 2015:

I am pleased to support and vote for Thomas Frank for mayor. His commitment to our community is impressive. He first got involved during the financial embezzlement. Serving on many different boards and chairing the budget and audit committee and has given him the financial background to understand our financial capacities. That doesn’t stop his commitment to our community. Serving as the President of St. Vincent de Paul he leads a team to serve our very own neighbors in need, fundraising and assisting in food, rent and utility assistance. He also serves as treasurer to the West Linn Rotary.

As a business professor, he just gets it. Teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in business finance, accounting and management, he is current on all new academic theories to lead the city forward. His leadership has been noticed. Earning bi-partisan support from local elected and community leaders is unprecedented. Thomas is committed to make our community safer and stronger. Join me in voting Thomas Frank for mayor.

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