Susan Hill wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on March 26, 2015:

I have been reading with great interest the ongoing editorial opinions regarding mayoral qualifications. Some people think a vocal candidate would be a better bet as a community advocate. Others feel it’s better to be a good listener. It’s often said that talk is cheap. Listening takes skill.

Some people feel that to be a good mayor, one has to dominate meetings and gather angry, unhappy people with personal goals in mind to run our city government.  Yet, others know that good leadership works on the principle of being positive and striving for solutions for the good of all West Linn citizens.

There are those who think serving on the City Council for a few months is good enough to prepare a candidate for mayor.  While others know that it takes time, energy, effort and commitment to serve.  There’s much to learn through service and experience.

And finally, a few people think that the City Council is being controlled by the city manager. Change, sometimes slow in coming, is coming.  It started with a new council member two years ago.  With the right mayor, change is just around the corner.  And the right mayor is Thomas Frank.

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