Qualifications for West Linn mayor

Dennis Richey wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on March 19, 2015:

Is “listening” the only important attribute for our mayor? Both Russ Axelrod and Thomas Frank listened and said “no” to LOT while on the Planning Commission. Frank gave compelling reasons why he voted no, Axelrod agreed with him. Thus, Frank had to recuse himself from voting on the appeal to City Council.

Axelrod recently won a seat on the council in a city-wide backlash against the Lake Oswego water plant nightmare.

So far, “listening” a draw!

Frank has listened to the facts and vast majority regarding the arch bridge project, while Axelrod is repeating the false accusations of the vocal minority. Advantage Frank!

How about experience? Thomas Frank has huge edge here. His volunteer record: planning commissioner, City Council president, St Vincent De Paul president, West Linn Rotary treasurer, and Chamber of Commerce, where he led the effort to boost West Linn businesses.

Much of Axelrod’s experience consists of just one term as a planning commissioner. Huge advantage Frank!

Inexperienced mayors have hurt West Linn. David Dodds almost bankrupted the city, and many key city employees left. Patti Galle made us the laughing stock of the region.

Go with stability and experience!

Vote Thomas Frank!


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