Experience and leadership describe Thomas Frank

Bill Hill wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on March 19, 2015:

A key decision-making factor in the upcoming May 19 election for mayor is experience and leadership. Experience is earned through community service. Thomas was selected by the City Council to serve as president of the council. He now serves as the de facto mayor due to the unexpected resignation of former Mayor Kovash.

Thomas’ leadership is evident through his service to the community. He has served in many ways for many years. For example, he’s been president of the St. Vincent de Paul emergency food bank, rent support and utility assistance to help community members in need.

He’s now treasurer of the West Linn Rotary Club and a member of the West Linn Chamber of Commerce. Thomas has emerged as a true leader following his involvement with the West Linn Police Station Committee.

He has demonstrated a solid commitment to our community in voting “no” on the LOT project while serving as a member of the Planning Commission. Service above self is a good description of this commitment to our community.

Thomas Frank is by far the most experienced leader as candidate for the office of mayor. Vote Thomas Frank for mayor.


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