Keep West Linn Strong

As we enter election season, there are many decisions that we will have to make. Our city has the opportunity to keep the strong forward momentum of this council moving forward for the foreseeable future. I am pleased that two of our councilors, Jody Carson and Mike Jones, have decided to run again for their seats. In contrast to previous councils that were deadlocked and suing other members, this council achieves results.

Over the last two years, we have completed more road projects than ever before, addressing our crumbling roadway infrastructure; received grants to complete a new arch bridge master plan; and updated our transportation system master plan. We have held a successful year-long centennial celebration for our city, implemented a trails master plan to enhance the health and connectivity of our community, produced award-winning budgets, built a seismically safe police station for our first responders and started the process of streamlining our community deployment code, making it equitable and fair.

Have we been effective? Others have recognized our work. We have been named the safest city in Oregon and 31st in the nation, received Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) awards for every budget year from 2009 forward, our children enjoy award-winning schools, and we were recognized by Money Magazine as one of the best places to live in America. Those are real results that we all benefit from.

Councilors Carson and Jones each bring their unique perspectives to the council. Jody Carson brings our regional perspective. Serving as Chair on the Metro Policy Advisory Committee (MPAC), she gives West Linn a powerful voice in regional discussions. She also has been instrumental in historical designations throughout our city and continues to strongly advocate for designation and preservation of the Willamette Falls Locks.

Mike Jones’ life has been public service. He graduated from Annapolis, served our country onboard a submarine, is a member of West Linn-Wilsonville School District’s Long Range Planning Committee, member of the West Linn Library Foundation, and is an active member in West Linn Rotary. He brings balance, thoughtfulness, and dedication to the council.

Our momentum is strong and together we are dedicated to make our city even better. We still have an aging infrastructure — our water system. Our Bolton Reservoir and water mains are more than 100 years old. It’s time to replace them and ensure a safe reliable system for all our residents. Both councilors Carson and Jones both serve on our South Fork Water Board keeping our water rates among of the lowest in the region.

We also need safe routes to schools. Visiting with our high school students, their highest priority is a safe route on Skyline Drive. Skyline is a narrow road with curves, limited shoulder and sight distance. The only location for a sidewalk and bike lane is the northern perimeter of Wilderness Park along Skyline Drive. The use of the park requires voter approval in accordance to our charter. Please support ballot measure 3-461 and give our children a safe route to school, and join me in keeping West Linn strong by re-electing Mike Jones and Jody Carson to the West Linn City Council.


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