Month: February 2014

  • Sustainability Plan Update Workshop

    Sustainability Plan Update Workshop

    What will the future hold for your city? Be proactive! Please join our community workshop series and collaborate with your West Linn neighbors and businesses in a free facilitated workshop series to design a prosperous future for West Linn: Identify and map out systems for energy, water, waste, food, and local economies.Come share your ideas…

  • Let’s Focus on the Positive in 2014

    Let’s Focus on the Positive in 2014

    Published in the West Linn Tidings and Oregonian: 2013 was a very productive year for West LInn – ranging from breaking ground on the new police station, to celebrating our West Linn Centennial.  To be effective as a leader, one needs to work effectively on a team. I am proud to be part of a…