H.Res. 320: Celebrating the West Linn Centennial

Congressman Kurt Schrader submitted House Resolution 320 celebrating the West Linn Centennial.  Thank you Congressman Schrader for your efforts in commemorating our birthday.  Here is the text of the Resolution. 




Celebrating the West Linn Centennial.

Whereas in 1845, at Robert Moore’s request, the Provisional Legislature of Oregon named the town on the site ‘Linn City’, in honor of former Senator Lewis Linn who had advocated for passage of the Donation Land Claim Act that Moore used to establish the town;

Whereas West Linn became home to burgeoning industry including flour mills, lumber mills, and shipping;

Whereas on August 15, 1913, after nearly 75 years as a United States settlement and thousands of years as a sacred home to indigenous peoples, West Linn was incorporated as a city in the State of Oregon;

Whereas West Linn played an important role in the development of Oregon and the industrialization of the West;

Whereas Robert Moore came from Illinois to Oregon in the early 1840s and purchased a 1,000 acre plot of land along the west bank of the Willamette River, an area that would eventually become West Linn, from Chief Wanaxha of the Wallamut Indians;

Whereas in 1913, the West Side Improvement Club voted 50-7 to incorporate the districts of West Oregon City, Bolton, Sunset, and Willamette Heights as the modern city of West Linn, in order to obtain needed utilities and improvements;

Whereas West Linn has adopted the motto, ‘City of Hills, Trees, and Rivers’, which recognizes the natural beauty of its landscape; and

Whereas in order to commemorate its centennial and to properly celebrate the history of its people, the West Linn Centennial Planning Committee was established in 2010 to organize, oversee, and execute the celebration to mark the one hundred year anniversary of West Linn: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives honors and commends the City of West Linn, Oregon, and its people on West Linn’s centennial.




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