I’ll admit it; the day I went to register volunteers at the White Oak Savanna (WOS) I was a little skeptical. It wasn’t the noteworthy organization or the wonderful people that run it that had me uneasy. No, it was the notion that I couldn’t possibly be of any help as a volunteer for a cause that has already done so much for West Linn and the surrounding community.

Seeing the Red Cross come to the aid of so many disasters could make anyone inspired, but it can also leave questions for everyday citizens about the best way to help people and places in need. With so much already being done, how can a person get involved?

West Linn has many opportunities for every person to give back. The most recent, Take Care of West Linn Day, occurred on May, 18th. All over West Linn kids and adults alike stepped up to the plate and gave back to their community.

Before getting to the WOS I was worried I was going to mix up volunteer forms or offend someone. The people actually planting the 100 oak seedlings were great, but what could I bring to the table?

It turns out that I could at least set one up. Setting up the registration table, and assisting volunteers with forms was a job that fit easily into my skill-set.

At the end of the day, the only thing that held me back was my own worries. Nobody is going to solve world peace in one day, but people can easily help out in their community to make it better. All you have to do is dive in and start helping. Maybe it’s in a small way, but as in the case of the WOS a small way sometimes makes all the difference.



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