Proposed 2014-2015 Biennial Budget

The proposed 2014-2015 Biennial Budget was proposed by West Linn City Manager Chris Jordan.  This marks the second biennium budget with significant reductions.  The City continues to struggle with its PERS rates and funding, declining property tax receipts, and increasing health care cots.  The highlights of the proposed budget are:


  • Balanced budget at $89.9 million for biennium.
    • FY 2014: $56,483,000
    • FY 2015: $46,027,000
  • $18.6 million for capital projects.
  • Reduction to 124.33 FTEs.
    • A 6.4 percent reduction from current biennium.
  • Budgeted reserves at $10.3 million.
    • An increase of $646,000 from current biennium.


  • All of Council goals
  • Economic Development Projects
  • Aquatic Community Center Next Steps
  • Blue Heron Project
  • Master Trails Plan/Transportation System Plan
  • West Linn Centennial Birthday Party

Not Funded

  • Adult Community Center addition
  • Robinwood Station upgrades
  • Infrastructure Resiliency Assessment
  • McLean House upgrades
  • Communications staff
  • Full-time Parks & Recreation Director
  • Full-time Human Resources Director
  • Full-time Chief Financial Officer
  • Full-time Adult Community Center Coordinator
  • City Hall safety improvements
  • Water Master Plan projects
  • Transportation System Plan projects
  • Municipal Court security
  • No assistance for Economic Development Director

Positions Eliminated

  • Communications/Project Coordinator
  • GIS Specialist
  • Senior Planner
  • Senior Librarian
  • Police Captain
  • Police Officer

Positions Reduced

  • Half-time HR Director
  • Half-time Court Administrator
  • Half-time Parks & Recreation Director
  • Half-time Adult Community Center Coordinator
  • Two Associate Planners
  • One Accounting Specialist


  • Civil Engineer

Proposed Fund Highlights

General Fund

    • City Council
      • $200,000 reduction in outsourced legal fees
    • City Manager’s Office
      • Decreased emphasis on communications
      • Addition of Assistant City Attorney position
    • Economic Development
      • Full-time Economic Development Director and part-time intern
      • $200,000 for Arch Bridge Master Plan
    • Communications
      • Elimination of the department due to move to MACC
    • Human Resources
      • Half-time HR Director
    • Finance
      • Chief Financial Officer will continue in an advisory role to City of Milwaukie
      • Transfer of Payroll & Benefits Administrator to HR
      • Reduction in hours of Accounting Specialist to reflect updated payment software
    • Information Technology
      • $100,000 in savings for copier and telephone services
      • Outsourced IT leadership
      • Sharing Network Administrator position with City of Milwaukie
    • Municipal Court
      • Half-time Court Administrator position
    • Public Works Support Services
      • Layoff of a Civil Engineer
      • Moving to in-house project design, when possible
    • Non-Departmental
      • The only “discretionary” funding in the General Fund not tied to operations
        • $30,000 = Willamette Falls Heritage Area Coalition
        • $40,000 = Community grants
        • $22,000 = Neighborhood Associations
        • $10,000 = Sustainability plan update
        • $40,000 = Energy efficient facility work
        • $828,000 = FFCO debt service

Public Safety Fund

    • Reduction in number of sworn officers
      • 1.0 Captain
      • 1.0 Police Officer
    • Police Station project completed this biennium

Library Fund

    • Reduction in library management positions
      • 2.0 Senior Librarian positions
    • Capital projects funded from Library District capital grant funds

Parks & Recreation Fund

    • Five percent rate increase for Parks Maintenance Fee
    • Half-time Parks & Recreation Director
    • Half-time Adult Community Center coordinator
    • Funding for the West Linn Centennial Birthday Party in August 2013

Planning Fund

    • Reduction in hours for current planning staff
      • Two current planners reduced to 0.5 FTE status
    • Focus this biennium on long range planning:
      • Transportation System Plan
      • Blue Heron
    • An emphasis on economic development:
      • Assistance to Economic Development Department
      • Assistance with Arch Bridge Master Planning Project
    • And, streamlining development review process

Transportation/Streets Fund

    • Five percent rate increase for Street Maintenance Fee
    • Intersection improvements at Rosemont/Salamo/Santa Anita
    • $200,000 in SDC Fund for bike and pedestrian improvements

Water Fund

    • Five percent rate increase for Water
    • Still fall hundreds of thousands of dollars short to adequately maintain system
Environmental Services Fund

    • Five percent rate increase for Storm and Sewer
    • Increased staffing to reflect need for more operations crew in the field
    • Moving street sweeping in-house

The budget process has just begun.  We will have budget meetings on April 29 and May 6.  The budget is scheduled to be adopted on June 10.  You may download the full document here.

Do you agree with the proposed budget? What services are important to you?


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