On January 17, West Linn held an old-fashioned quilting bee.  The quilting bee pieced together West Linn’s 100 year history in the form of a 88″ x 88″ quilt.  Local business, residents, and community leaders decorated and donated the squares.  My family and I dropped by the quilting bee to lend a helping hand.  Truth be told, I never quilted anything in my life!  A very patient Anita Austen spent time showing me how to quilt, wear the thimble, and not get poked!  Later my daughter joined in and wanted to help supervise her Dad.

The finished quilt is on display at the Library and will be presented to Council on April 22, 2013.  In August it will be raffled off to a lucky recipient.  I hope it will later be donated back to the Library so it can be viewed on permanent display for generations to come.

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