Virtual Photo Walks with Google+ Hangouts

It is no secret that I am a big fan of technology.  It offers us efficiency, communication, and freedom.  The simple  ability to travel is something that can be easily be overlooked by others and something that most of us take for granted.  What if you weren’t able to travel?  Disabled? Hospitalized?  A photographer looked at creating virtual photo walks utilizing the Google+ hangout technology linking hundreds of people to remote locations….locations they may never be able to see firsthand.

I utilize Google+ hangouts in my team updates and have been amazed at the service and how well it can effectively create a medium for people to collaborate in realtime.  Taking that technology to this level is fantastic and heartwarming.  We truly live in a fascinating time that is impacting so many lives at many different levels.

See the video below for the story on virtual photo walks.  What can you do with today’s technology to better the lives of others?

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