December 11, 2012 marked a day of senseless violence in our community.  The unthinkable happened just a few miles away from our town.  During the height of Christmas shopping season, a lone gunmen opened fire on unsuspecting victims.  Unfortunately, two people were taken away from us that day – Cindy Ann Yuille of Portland & Steve Forsyth of West Linn.  What has always defined West Linn is our ability to come together. This is one of those moments.

There are two different ways you can help the Forsyth Family:

1) There is a fund setup called the Forsyth Family Assistance Fund at Pacific West Bank.

2) Entercom Radio has created a memorial website in Steve’s honor at www.SteveForsythMemorial.com.  This is a great place to share your memories of Steve and feel free to forward the link to your friends and colleagues.

I offer my deepest condolences to both families.  


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